Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Gift wrap to paper washi tape

What I love most about the gift wrap in the Just Dandy Studio shop is... 1.) The finish of the paper is not your typical glossy gift wrap finish. It is more like smooth, matte patterned paper. And 2.) The sheets measure 20 x 29 making them the perfect size for not only gift wrapping a present, but so many other creative projects. The possibilities are endless!

Yesterday, Joan shared the petal envelopes that she created using sheets of the colorful gift wrap. Isn't it the cutest! And she also made that shredded bow out of the wrap. I never would have thought of that! Adding those to my long list of things to create.

Another way to use the gift patterned paper for card-making.
Rubeena created this pretty pink 'Blessed' card using the Wild Berry Dots gift wrap!

Today, I'm sharing how I created my own colorful paper washi tape. Washi tape is everywhere and is so popular in paper-crafting. I did a little research as to the best way to make it and ended up going with double sided carpet tape. I picked up this box at my local home improvement store for under $10. There is A LOT on this one roll...well worth the $.

I simply cut my strips of paper to the length I wanted and then attached them to the sticky top of the roll. Super simple. The carpet tape I bought is pretty wide, so if you wanted to get more bang for your buck you could cut the strips in half, length wise, after you've attached your gift wrap.

Keeping a bunch of these colorful strips on hand for last minute packaging!

So, we've seen the gift wrap used to create petal envelopes, as patterned paper in card-making, paper washi tape... what other crafty projects could we create?!



  1. Love all the different ways to use wrapping paper!!!

  2. I popped over for the Coffee Hop [not there yet?] - and found this fun project! I love the idea!