Friday, September 25, 2015

Free Friday Printable - Like It's Your Birthday

'Start each day like it's your birthday'... imagine how wonderful every day would be if we woke up with this quote in mind. It's not about the material gifts we receive, but cherishing each day we have as a gift...looking back over the past year and all we have accomplished...making others feel special and celebrating who they are and what they bring to our life...looking forward to what the next year holds and what goals we would like to achieve...and so much more. 

I came across this blog post from Positively Present and wanted to share. Love what she wrote!

And so today, I leave you with this printable...print it, read it every day, gift it to a friend and enjoy!!


* Colors may appear slightly different than they do on your computer screen due to different monitor and printer settings.

 First pumpkin spice coffee of the season  //  Canning tomatoes with Mom  //  A 2 hour phone conversation with one of my best girlfriend's  //  Watching B run in his cross-country meet  //  Hearing which part K got in her theater production  //  Driving and listening to my favorite music while singing  //  A new season of Grey's Anatomy  //  Celebrating Dad's birthday  //  The cooler temps  //  A fresh batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies  

What brought a smile to your face this week?


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  1. Thanks for the colorful free printable! Love that fresh color!
    Take Care!